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[S4E12] Goodbye At The Door

Ro busts through the door, grabs Brad in a choke hold, and threatens to rip him limb from limb. I was excited to see this protective side of Rogelio, and was even more pleased when Xo shouts that Brad is her dance partner. Oh, and Brad has a boyfriend. That hug was just the samba.

[S4E12] Goodbye at the Door

The morning after Stefan wakes up to remember he slept with Rebekah the night before. He tries to sneak out of her room without being noticed but before he Could he finds Klaus standing outside Rebekah's door. He is there to discuss how to stop Kol, who has the White Oak stake along with the daggers that Klaus had. He orders Rebekah to hand over the last dagger that is in her possession along with the White Oak ashes that she obtained from Klaus. When Rebekah won't help Klaus stop Kol and save Jeremy, Klaus turns to his old friend, Stefan, for help. Telling him to talk to Rebekah. But Stefan has other pressing matters like keeping Damon on lockdown after being compelled to kill Jeremy (by Kol). Klaus informs Stefan that this is why they have to find Kol or they could kiss their key to the map goodbye. Klaus reminds Stefan that with along daggering Kol, they end Damon's compulsion. Then Jeremy could continue killing Vampires and they could retrieve the cure for Elena. Which will then be a happily ever after for everyone.

Mr. & Mrs. Huffington ask Ruby to keep Baby Huffington happy while they set up their picnic in the park. Max wants to be "Super Bunny!" Ruby thinks Baby H might want to nap so she tells Max he'll have to take off his cape and play something else. But when Baby H gets fussy, the thing he really wants is that cape and "Super Bunny!" / The girls are trying to perfect The Water Lily, the hardest move in their synchronized swimming routine. Max wants to play with all his toys that "Float!" Of course his toys always get in their way, but Max ends up helping the girls make a perfect water lily, with the help of his "Float!"/ Ruby tells Max they're going to spend the whole entire day playing at Louise's house, but Max can only take a few toys. So he decides to say "Goodbye" to all the toys he won't see for the whole day. When Ruby finally gets Max out the door, they run into Grandma, who wants to play pirates with them. Ruby explains that they're going to Louise's, but when she tries... more Format video

The lottery continues. Nate Miller is chosen. Kane notices Jaha sneaking out the back door, and hands over the name-drawing to Jackson so that he can follow. Hardy starts a riot as a distraction from whatever Jaha plans.

Betty, attempting to befriend her neighbors, throws a karaoke party. While hanging fliers announcing the event, she inadvertently lets burglars, posing as locked out residents, into the building. After they ransack the apartments, neighbors are justly chagrined by Betty's action. Betty convinces the landlord to install electronic lock on the doors, and uses this as yet another opportunity to get together with her neighbors. Her plans to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the tenants are foiled by Marc.

At Casa Suarez, Ignacio watches a scary movie, but thanks to the blackout he starts freaking out, and when he hears someone coming through the door he attacks them with a pie tin. The attacker turns out to be Bobby, who was checking on Hilda and Justin. While Bobby nurses the bloody nose Ignacio gave him, they start talking, even though Ignacio still believes Bobby is a thug. Bobby tells Ignacio that his problem is that he is afraid Hilda and Justin will not need him anymore. Ignacio calls Betty; after he learns about her needing someone to pick a lock, he gives the phone to Bobby. Bobby apologizes to Ignacio, who tells Bobby that he feels a little jealous. By the time Hilda and Justin return, Ignacio and Bobby are buddies.

Sabrina was about to follow Calvin out the door when Bayo requested her to stay and continue their date. While they sipped wine and dined on dessert, Bayo invited Sabrina to join him on the dance floor so that they could finish the night out together. He told her he felt like they had met in another life and that he was connected to her.

Derek says goodbye to Rose and stays at the nurses station with Mark, who asks what he sees in her. He guesses it's sex, but then figures out they haven't slept together yet. Derek says Rose is waiting until it's serious. She has morals, and anticipation is better than sex.

Alex has kept score and Yang is winning. Izzie is 26 points behind. Izzie's watched a lot of surgeries, but watching only gets you 3 points. Izzie says she can't make the attendings let her do procedures, but Cristina and Meredith say she's gotta ask and take charge. Cristina shows her how and opens the door of the arriving ambulance. The patient is a man found unconscious with a swollen ankle. Izzie takes the case and she suspects there's more to it. She sees a medical mystery, which will give her 80 points. Bailey comes outside and asks if only Izzie is working today. They all got paged for the ankle, so now they're just trolling for trauma cases. Bailey's got no one post-op or pre-op, so she tells them to get to work. A car drives into the ambulance bay and a woman shouts for help. The residents and Bailey rush to their aid. They were camping in the mountains and a bear attacked them. They drove all the way down as they didn't have time to wait for an ambulance. While Bailey checks on the driver's injured hand, Cristina and Alex help a man get out of the car to get him on a gurney, but as he stands up, intestines start to fall out of an open wound to the man's abdomen. Cristina manages to catch them before they fall the ground.

While in the magical version of Greece that Janet conjured for them, Eleanor and Chidi were snacking on two koulouria (sesame bread rings). Then Janet opened a new door, and they walked into a magical version of Paris, France.

That plan goes awry when Camila goes to prison to say a final goodbye to Omar. There Omar, realizing something's amiss, tells Camila that he didn't kill Javi at all and that he doesn't know who did -- he only knows what Wendy Byrde told him. Camila believes him but goes through with the assassination anyway. After four seasons of pulling strings, Omar Navarro is taken out.

John spots a milk bottle on the drive. "Oh, God, milk!" he says as he opens it and takes a few long overdue satisfying gulps. Girlfriend Kim is at the front door unseen, spots him and asks what he's doing. "Do I know you?" she asks. Startled, he turns around, "Fred... Fred Scarran" John replies. She tells him he looks a little like John. He asks if John's gone to the lake, and she tells him that he's gone to the canal; he goes there whenever he's angry. John tells her he likes the spot with the overhang and the tall trees. "That's my favourite place! Johnny hates it there," Kim says. John tells her that he knows, but he shouldn't, and gives her the milk back and leaves.

The policemen have a warrant, and go to search the house. As John watches TV in a chair, Noranti brings Chiana the serum, and she makes him drink it. As the police arrive, young John gasps and falls to the floor in convulsions. He has no pulse, as the officers knock the door insistently. In the chaos Chiana notices that John's arm is going invisible. He's fast becoming incorporeal. D'Argo runs in and asks where Crichton is, and he says he's there, but he's just disappeared. Noranti says that the sheriff's body weight is greater so she probably gave young John too much, and his body is ceasing to function so John is ceasing to exist.

They drag the unconscious policemen to the car and pile them in (slumped, one face down in the other's crotch, amusingly) then leave, as Jack arrives to get young John. John, D'Argo and Aeryn squat and watch, but Jack hits his head on the light as he rushes in and falls to the floor unconscious. D'Argo realises he's been too long, and asks John, "Why do our plans never work?" "Murphy's Law," John replies, as he runs in the house. He calls in D'Argo and they drag both Jack and young John out the house, and lay them on the floor. John kisses himself goodbye, tenderly on the forehead, and wishes him(self) good luck. D'Argo leaves as John's mother is pulling up in a car in an utter panic. Aeryn tells John they have to go now, they run and hide behind some bushes nearby, looking on. Jack wakes up puzzled, then notices John, who is OK. As John is about to jump the wall, Jack spots him, and John lingers... They hold each other's gaze for a frozen moment, Jack with an intent look of almost recognition, then John jumps off the wall and out of sight.

[Stefan wakes up with a sleeping Rebekah's arm around him. He slowly removes her arm and gets out of the bed. He quickly puts his clothes on with vampire speed, trying to sneak out. He puts on his jacket and opens the door to see Klaus.]

[Elena watches as Kol pours something into a glass. She opens the refrigerator and pulls out her phone. She has a message from Jeremy that says 'Trying to find her. KEEP KOL THERE.' in response to her message "He's got the stake. Where is B?". She gets something from the fridge and closes the door. Kol is standing right next to her, startling her.]

[Elena is in her bedroom. She pushes her dresser in front of her door, but struggles as Kol pushes back. Kol manages to shove the door open and Elena falls to the ground. With vampire speed she runs into the bathroom, shuts the doors behind her and locks it. Kol kicks open the door and finds Elena gone. He punches through the other door and finds Elena in Jeremy's room with Jeremy. Jeremy shoots Kol with a stake gun. Kol catches the stake.]

[Jeremy catches the stake and stabs Kol through the heart with it. Kol screams and bursts into flame. He continues to scream as he staggers through the kitchen and falls to the floor, dead. Elena notices that Jeremy sees something behind her, so she looks over to see Klaus standing at the open doorway, looking upset and angry.]

[Elena and Jeremy run through the living and into the kitchen. Klaus follows, but he can't get into the kitchen. He punches at the air, but there is an invisible barrier. Jeremy pulls the white oak stake out of Kol, and he and Elena run to the door and Klaus continues to pound on the barrier.] 041b061a72


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