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Orest Gorbachev
Orest Gorbachev

Cable Scan Magazine Malayalam: The Trusted Source of Information, News, Updates, Insights, Analysis, Reviews, Recommendations, Events, Exhibitions, and More for Cable TV and Broadband Users in Kerala

the cable television industry generates a large volume of data that is constantly increasing as cable service becomes more prevalent, and the industry becomes more competitive. cablescan offers a networked scanning environment. second, we offer a cost-effective method to scan the most complex cable television (catv) waveforms. catv is transmitted using 4 - 30 channels, 6 to 20 mhz, and for the most demanding applications it is possible to scan a 40 channel, 50 mhz catv waveform. our high-performance, portable scanner will be a perfect addition to any laboratory.

Cable Scan Magazine Malayalam


e-toc, or electronic table of contents, is the logical place to start for a cable tv engineer. the e-toc is a field of electronic data that catalogues the entire catv signal. it includes a database of all channels, the beginning and end of each channel, and when the channel begins and ends.

our automotive industry is one of the most demanding applications of catv scanning. the automotive industry requires catv scanning to provide complete data about the structure of the vehicle, it's electronics, and to test the actual, complex waveforms that are broadcast on the cable tv network.

we offer a complete catv scanning solution, including the advanced modelmaker h120 laser scanner and the optional modelmaker g-1000 operator console. both the scanner and operator console are built around a compact platform that allows the scan volume to be moved around the vehicle for the best scanning position.

the newest scanner in our modelmaker series is the modelmaker h120, designed specifically for catv scanning. it offers a unique scanning position, compact size, and automatic cable data collection for the most demanding applications.


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