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Orest Gorbachev
Orest Gorbachev

Who Killed The KLF Subtitles Swedish \/\/FREE\\\\

The whole story is told in a great NME article, included on the Shag TimesCD gatefold insert. At some point during the JAMs excursion to the land ofStigs they were reported to have run over and killed a moose. There's evensome lyrics about it in one of their songs. However, one list member (ChrisLeuty) once wrote to the KLF about this (August 1990), cos' "...I didn'tquite believe it, and got a reply from Jimi. He said, and I quote: "No itwas a giant dog". Write to James Brown c/o NME-he's got some Polaroidphoto's of the attack."

Who Killed the KLF subtitles Swedish




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