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GROLAV Global presents to the marketplace great ideas and people that can change the world. ​

Good Gardeners International ​is a small company with a big game changing old but new idea. 

We are going to be discussing REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE and WATERLESS TOILET SYSTEMS FOR ARID CLIMATES on this site, each day more of the story will unfold, then we will reveal the products, and then we reveal our new payment system, that allow multiple ways to purchase these literally life changing products.

But to get you going in the meantime, what we will be discussing is the Good Gardeners International Howard-Higgins System, which creates biologically active living soil, suitable for Permaculture, no-dig no-till farming, on-site organic waste treatment and up-cycling, immune system boosting nutrition, pathogen free compost in just 90 days. 

Just one no-water twin hot box system, with a odour free toilet per household will taker the mixed night soil (urine and poo) from 1 to 28 households. This waterless sanitation method supports WASH programs and fulfills many UN SGD’s. The added benefit is that the end product, extra potent living soil when combined with activated biochar and a few other locally sourced media, can then either be utilised locally to remediate lifeless dirt dust into thriving soil. The HH2 compost can be used to grow non food crops, especially agro-forestry, as this is premium growing media. It can be used to grow food crops, but we will wait until our R&D certification that we can achieve the pathogen kill rate that we know that comes with thermal pasteurisation.

We transform the problem of "where to do your business"?, into a thriving regenerative profitable business by creating a revenue stream for local dwellers, rather than an expensive infrastructure that does not belong to the locals or serve them as well is it should, is difficult to service and fix, worse still dependent on water, which deplete precious water stores.  

In our mind, exporting a design solution, that was created for countries which have high levels of rainfall and a river to clean, we are talking about the solution to the problem of The Great Stink of 1858 caused by untreated sewage being discharged at volumes to high for the Thames River, London to deal with.

So, the plan is, we want to provide personal toilets for each household in unplanned townships and shanty towns around the world. Let's go one step further, safer sanitation for refugee and migration camps, and food growing with Nomadic Gardens, so that such camps can be less of a burden on local population centers, and start with the business of re-humanising the displaced persons of this planet. Climate related migration is unfortunately going to become more of a common phenomenon.

We have a few unique selling points we can exploit for each of these demographics, our infrastructure is completely mobile. From the waterless earth toilets, to the waste processing hot boxes, to the growing rigs to the water treatment, everything is low tech, zero power and water is saved for drinking and crop production. The people caught up in any sort of migration are not a bunch of no-hoper's, these are educated, erudite and skilled people. We have the capacity to create low carbon moving caravans, that can feed and toilet itself while underway.

I can't wait to give that project to our team to calculate the carbon savings and resulting carbon credits on that project.

Oh yeah, more on carbon credits and corporate social responsibility credits and credits to cash exchanges in the coming days.

We are going head to head and toe to toe with inappropriate technology being deployed in countries. Technology which is expensive, unwieldy, and not mindful of local customs, such as toileting position and what people use to wipe themselves after a visit to the smallest room. If words like that make you a bit uncomfortable and squeamish, then you are probably on the wrong website ;-) 

There will be a page dedicated to the opposite of what we are proposing, and the distressing pictures that mobilised us to make this bold offering, but we will confine the unpleasant realities of life for some of our fellow human beings to one page, we don't want to lead the charge by waving the problem around, we want to be know as a positive solutions company, that just has a great idea to help fellow Earth Citizens, not tug on your heartstrings for sympathy, worse still engender the emotion pity, we are about providing strength and self determination and self pride and resilience of mind, body and soul.

QUESTION: How to serve people that are embedded in an unplanned development?

ANSWER: not with water based systems with sewage pipes, in an arid country which has limited water for drinking, crops and livestock.

Does this sound interesting, then get in touch if you just can't wait and want to know more, we are always up for a friendly informal no sales waffle chat.

Also, follow us as we make our journey to product launch in a few weeks, we have Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, but check in on the website daily, as each day a new part of the story will unfold.

Grolav Global Ltd is a strategic consulting, product development and route-to-market company based in East Devon, UK​​​. Since 2014, we’ve dedicated our time to understanding what works and what doesn’t when it comes to brand acceleration and innovation — so you don’t have to

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